Best template dexer for gautlet

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Re: Best template dexer for gautlet

Post#61 » March 28th, 2018, 12:21 pm

assuming you are using consecrate:

Room 1 - AI until corpse skin
Room 2 - Double strike with hit fireball
Room 3 - AI until corpse skin
Room 4 - either
Room 5 - double strike
Dark Father - double strike

it's based on the monster's resists innit.
remember with consecrate you always hit on the lowest resist, so only the lowest one matters.
so if it has 50 resist, that's -50% of the damage, so half
if you reduce that to 0 resist you are doing double damage, if you are hitting twice then you are doing double damage.

so <50 resist you are better with double strike, >50 resist you are better with AI. but after a corpse skin almost everything has <50 resist

most monsters have like 40 resist, so there's not loads of difference, but there is a bit.

i'll check the resists for you:
DF - 30 so double strike
room 1 - 60 so AI
room 2 - oooh it's 50-60, but hit spell, so double strike gives 2 chances at a fireball
room 3 - 60 so AI
room 4 - 55, so actually AI, but it doesn't make much difference - 5%
room 5 - 30-35 so double strike

corpse skin is -15 fire and poison. fire is the lowest resist on R1, R2, R3, and the DF.
guess i should start using AI on R4 tho
R2 it will probably be worth using AI instead of Double strike if you are using a heavy hitting wep

i use a katana so the difference between AI and double strike is just whether im holding ctrl, so this is a pretty easy question for me ;P
it is slightly complicated by things like double strike having 2 chances to leech, 2 chances to hit spell etc.
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Re: Best template dexer for gautlet

Post#62 » March 30th, 2018, 6:45 pm

tough DF that one
(i try not to solo the DF just cos it costs too much durability)

but this damage is not so bad, and is literally only from mana leech slayer kat, and lmc. no bushido, no counter strikes, no necro stuff, you can get the same dps with a mempho and some copper hammers, just you wont be able to tank.

dps goes up a lot if there's corpse skin, discord, or you dont have to tank btw. but if you are a pure damage dealer class and you're not out DPSing me... well, you should be :P
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