My Armor System

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My Armor System

Post by MB »

I made a system where I can burn up to 500 kits at a time without having to individually evaluate each armor piece. It sorts as it goes by making a total count of the mods. 4 and 5 mod pieces get saved and sorted, 3 mod pieces get dropped on the ground in Luna, 2 mod and below get cut up. It's heavy on the front-end setup but now I can burn hundreds of kits while I sleep and AFK populate an armor list in a half hour. I've been detailed in my writeup below and commented my macros where I need to, so I'm not going to do much tech support for this. If you're wanting to do something similar, work through and understand what I've done in UOS and you should be able to manage your idea.

My crafting station looks like this below with 30 individual bags for gorgets, gloves, sleeves, tunics and legs. So that the bags don't cover each other, I had to split the final column of tunics (green). I have colored bags as visual markers for each group so when I am looking for a piece I can consult my chart and quickly see which bag the piece would be in.

Burning Kits
The macros for crafting I use are:
Craft All 5 Runic:
Craft Last Runic:
Sort Gear:
Luna Gear Drop:

If I want to create nothing but one kind of armor, I use the 'Craft Last Runic' macro. Usually though I leave 'Craft All 5 Runic' running which will cycle through each of the 5 armor types. These macros have an 'all5' macro flag at the top so that 'Luna Gear Drop' and 'Sort Gear' know which of the two macros to jump back to.

If you'd like to modify this macro to not craft tunics or legs, you would comment out the lines like so:

elseif not @findalias 'gloves'
replygump 0x38920abd 37
waitforgump 0x38920abd 1500
@setalias 'gloves' 'self'
//elseif not @findalias 'tunic'
//replygump 0x38920abd 58
//waitforgump 0x38920abd 1500
@setalias 'tunic' 'self'
//elseif not @findalias 'legs'
//replygump 0x38920abd 51
//waitforgump 0x38920abd 1500
@setalias 'legs' 'self'

Once these macros burn through a kit, it goes to 'Sort Gear' which will file the armor into the 150 individual bags. I have built rules into it as to what intensities are to count as a mod. There are also criteria where a mod gets dropped if it is energy, mana or stamina on an LRC piece. It's my logic that those or things like HPR and RPD are only useful as a 5th mod on a piece.

The 'Sort Gear' macro sends 5mod pieces to a separate container for me to evaluate manually. Once I have a batch of these I want to send to the regular sorted bags, I temporarily comment out the 3 lines related to 5mod pieces to send them thataway.

3mod pieces get temporarily stored in a bag and once full, get taken to Luna and dropped on the ground. You will need an Organizer named 'Gear' set up with 25 Gorgets, Sleeves, Gloves, Tunics and Legs added to it. Each character burning will need to be setup to recall with the East-West center line of Luna and then recall and navigate back to the crafting station.

2mod and 3mod pieces with 18+LRC and 2MR/7+LMC go into separate Mule bags that I use to assemble basic LRC suits.

Populating Armor List
Once you have a pile of armor, you arrive at the task of seeing what you have. Thanks to MMMartin's help, I got a script working perfectly that catalogues everything in my containers. Combined with Excel macros, I can populate my lists for forums.

Auction Maker EUO Script:
UOS Macro to Click Through Auction Maker:

The Click Macro is very finicky because you are telling the exact position of every bag in a XY from the top left corner of your screen. My client is set to 1100x850 resolution and I position like so. I built this macro with an Excel spreadsheet where I input the top bag on each column and let it calculate the offset of all other bags based on my first column. If you are needing a different version of this macro, you can try the spreadsheet:

Once all the bags have been loaded into the Auction Maker, you can use the menu to export all the armor to a text file. I then use this Excel tool I built:

My first step with this is to paste the output of Auction Maker into Sheet 1 then use the macro to run a quick filter and comparison on Sheet 2 to see if I got all 150 intended bags in the correct order. Sometimes (particularly at bottom of stacks when there are slight overlap with the tunic bags), it will miss a bag and I go manually do that bag on auction maker and splice into the text file.

Once I've confirmed my text file has everything, I paste the entire contents in the yellow column under the Auction Maker tab. The first two columns of this sheet have a table to show all the Find & Replace actions to be made to take the EUO output into a easy to read list. You will need to update this table with your crafter names and your EUO Bag IDs. Once everything is in place, I highlight the yellow column and play the macro. The column to the right of the yellow becomes my output I post to forums.

Finding A Piece
When somebody needs a specific piece, I consult the table above to see which bag it should be in. I edit the first 4 resistances in this macro and then target the corresponding bag.

Inevitably you start running out of room and need to pull out the weaker saved pieces to make room for new ones. For this task I built what is similar to the Sort Macro in that it is counting mods with higher set thresholds and pulling out anything with less than 3 mods. This means if a '4 mod' piece has two or more weak mods, it gets culled. The script starts looking at the least desired 'Resist Only' bags first and works it's way up to culling the MR pieces last. This way you usually reach your specified number of pieces to cull before reaching the bags most often requested. You can play around with the tolerances in the macro, when I want to really take a dent in the Resist Only or Mana/Stam/HPI only pieces, I set my resistance tolerances very high.

To use this macro, have up to 5 bags on the ground next to you. The macro will prompt you for 5 cullbags that it will try and fill to 100 items. If you want to cull a lower amount, simply hit ESC for the additional prompts or retarget the same bag.

The first version works as described above:
The second is one I made that pulls everything that doesn't have at least one resist. I was piling up some pieces like Mana Stam HPI LMC with no resist that I couldn't see using in an endgame suit.
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Re: My Armor System

Post by Ciro »

Congratulations for your job, at the virst view it looks very hard to setup, but when you do it you realize it isn't that bad.

I'm struggling with the findind the cursor's XY to setup the UOS Clicker and the excel sheet to be able to create my list properly.

I've tried this website to find XY

but it didnt work aswell... does anyone know another way?
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Re: My Armor System

Post by MB »

Do a print screen and paste into Paint. Then drag from the starting position to the top left corner and it will tell you the pixel at the bottom.
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Re: My Armor System

Post by Anthony File »

Consider using this variant by Reetus, utilizing his Classic Assist client. It can populate containers and export them instantaneously in the same raw text format. -

Add container serials separated with commas to line #24 in order to auto-scan multiple containers; Useful for similar setups like MB posted above.

My entire upkeep process went from taking almost an hour to now only 2-3 minutes.


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