New Melisandes Fermented Wine

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Melisandes Fermented Wine

Post by Nocturne »

Hello everybody
I wanted to report a small bug that I have been able to observe these days, the truth is that I had never used this object until an enemy shot me two and took 100 life points from me.
We all know that when you kill our friend Melisandes he leaves you a wine that is explosive.
The damage of this explosion is equal to that of a greater explosion potion, only this cannot be create but greater explotion potion yes, It is for this reason that people often use explotion potions.
But today I have been able to observe how a person was using these explosive bottles and that the damage from these exploding bottles was superior from greate explotion pots.

So I have verified that with a character with 100 alchemist vs player with 60% fire resist.

Greater explo avg:

25-35 damage

Melisandes Fermented Wine

30-55 damage

can you check it please? thank you!
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Re: Melisandes Fermented Wine

Post by mguerine »

yes! its a bug!
The bottles appear in several different colors, and operate the same as a Greater Explosion Potion.
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