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Bug Reports [How to/Rules]

Post by Demise News Network » September 29th, 2016, 10:32 pm

This section is mainly for the reporting of new bugs or missing features on Demise. If you wish to contribute osi data or even code feel free but this may not mean your report/code will be accepted, that will be done at our discretion.

Some of you may remember the old bug section and how it worked. If you had reports there don't worry they havn't been deleted! We are slowly going through them all and moving them to the correct new section.

Please use the format below when reporting bugs.
  • Behavior on Demise:
    This is where you write a description of the bug/missing feature and how to reproduce it.
  • Behavior on osi:
    This is where you tell us how it should work.
  • Supporting Documentation (URLs):
    Any other information you can provide to help us validate your findings.
Once a bug is reported, the only replies in that thread should be related to the validation, providing documentation/information, and testing of that bug. If another Demise bug is found during the testing, another bug fix thread should be started.

All bugs reported should have the "new" tag applied to them, we will then check your reports and either ask for more information or move the bug on by applying a new tag. The only tags we will use are "invalid" for reports we deem to be wrong or unnecessary or "Accepted" for bugs we acknowledge exist.
Once the bug has the accepted tag, we will try our best to fix it. This may be a time consuming process and priority may have to be given to other reports so please do not bump your threads asking things like "why isn't this fixed yet?"

Please only report one bug per thread so that we can see by just looking at the titles what the bug is about. This will make things easier and hopefully the process will run smoother.
Before you post please do a quick search to check that the bug you have found hasn't already been reported.

There are many features on OSI that players do not like; however, this does not deter Demise from being as much like OSI as possible. We will try to not implement OSI bugs onto Demise; however, making that determination should solely be done by staff/administrators. Just because players do not like an OSI change or think they can code it to be better is no reason to do so. There are very few Demise specific changes that should occur and these are usually coded/tested by staff for staffing purposes.

Currently, Demise's OSI accuracy goal is to implement all publishes up to the last publish before the Stygian Abyss expansion.

(Thanks psz for some of the above content!)