How to get Conjurer's Trinket?

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How to get Conjurer's Trinket?

Post by londek »

Noob question: How to get Conjurer's Trinket?
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Re: How to get Conjurer's Trinket?

Post by Alvin »

Someone on discord said you should be killing pumpkin lord and clawser (or clawser junior ?).
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Re: How to get Conjurer's Trinket?

Post by Calvin »

i've personally seen trinkets drop from freddy and pumpkin lord, i can tell you that much (*not this year tho).

peronally i have gotten luck garb from champ spawn. i have heard from 2 people that you can get trinkt on champ spawn as well.

clawser is a terrible dropper.. maybe cos i camp it with mage and do crap damage, but i camp him every year and very rarely get anything good, no garb or trinket, just ML, tot, etc. once or twice have had a deco drop from it.

headless drops garb for sure (non-luck) got one of those off him a couple days ago.

as far as i know, previous years they did garb no luck - dropping on everything, just with low chance, trinket was on freddy and pumpkin (hardest boss, and fairest for everyone to get loot rights boss). luck garb was only on champ spawn.

this year.. im not sure :S
but you get the sorta idea of how they do it.. they could all be on low chance on all bosses now tbh

.... has anyone had the balls to try creature of the night yet? >.<

something to bear in mind tho:

the major bosses are:
pumpkin lord
steaming heap
headless horseman
grave digger
creature of the night

the minor bosses are:
costumed orc
gas cloud
jack the ripper
guardian of the asylum

terrible twiggy
giant frog

might have missed a few but you get the idea

... bit of advice as well.. i wouldn't spend all my time hunting a trinket.. it's kind of like going for ornament in gauntlet, there's a lot of other very valuable stuff to get.

camping bosses is only 1 activity.. also there is like:
collect peerless keys for Grim Reaper runs
clear pumpkin patch to try and spawn evil pumpkins for twilight lanterns
kill zombie skeletons to get named corpses (nice sale to owners of corpses)
kill world spawn for world drops
go under the water for britomas and try to get a davies locker
run seed quest to try and get a raised garden bed
trick or treat to collect candy for the candy goblin or sell
champ spawn for luck garb/trinket
farm helga for costumes

should only have 4 characters max, way more than 4 things to do ^.^
and some tough choices where to spend the time!

... i'll bet you trinket is on creature of the night at least. but if you wanna hunt that, be my guest lol
... as long as i dont have to clean up the mess after.

dont forget as well that the population is high over halloween, and lots of people making lots of gold, so it's a good time to set up a vendor ;)
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