Update April 3, 2020

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Update April 3, 2020

Post by Eos » April 4th, 2020, 12:49 am

The following changes have been made during server wars:
  • Water barrels can now be chopped with an axe.
  • Fixed character creation town selection for new clients.
  • Added the "Retrieve" context menu to locked down items, can be used to release a lockdown and place it into your backpack in one go.
  • Changes related to wall addons:
    • Wall addons no longer redeed after house customization if they've been moved up or down with an interior decorator tool (provided there is still an adjacent wall and unblocked space).
    • Fixed issue that caused wall addons to be placed on the wrong facet.
    • Removed blessed property from placed flaming heads, banners, fireflies and hanging skeletons.
    • Banner addons can no longer be dyed by anyone.
    • Added 2 missing options to banner deeds.
    • Mistletoe deed no longer places the incorrect wall facing.
  • Powder of Translocation can no longer be used by anyone when locked down. (Must now be in the backpack.)
  • Added security setting to the Basket of Herbs and Granny's Cookbook, allowing them to be used by people other than just the house owner.
  • The following creatures now drop gems in fewer (but larger amount) piles: dragons, greater dragons, Solen warriors, Solen infiltrator warriors, ore elementals, ancient wyrms, white wyrms. (Bug report)
  • Greater dragons now drop 16 gems instead of 8.
  • Dark Fathers now drop level 5 treasure maps instead of level 1. (Bug report)
  • Unequipping a Talisman of the Fey no longer kicks players out of any Animal Form. It now only kicks players out of the form on the talisman.
  • Going into wolf or bake kitsune form now adds +20 current HP as well. Leaving the form subtracts it. (Bug report)
  • (PvP) Targeting a bola now immediately starts the thrower's bola recovery delay (to prevent mounting during the 3 seconds it takes to throw). (Bug report)
  • (PvP) Mounting a pet that is attacking something now requires passing a control chance check. (Bug report, Bug report)
  • (PvP) The Protection spell no longer prevents disruptions for: summoning an ethereal mount, using a ball of pet summoning, spirit speak or using an undertaker's staff. (Bug report)
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