Update August 28, 2020

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Update August 28, 2020

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The following changes will be made during tonight's server restart:
  • Monsters will no longer flee while they are being attacked. If a monster is not attacked for 6-10 seconds (randomly), they may decide to flee as usual. (Bug report, Bug report)
  • Fixed fleeing behavior for spell-casting monsters (if they do decide to flee), they will no longer stop fleeing after 1 tile.
  • Improved the requirements for mounting a pet in combat. Even if the mount is not actively attacking anything, any received aggression will count as the pet being in combat for 7 seconds. Mounting a pet in combat is only possible if the player has enough skill to control it. (Bug report)
  • Player vendor fixes:
    • A player vendor's bank account can no longer overflow into a negative number. (The purchase will be denied.) (Bug report)
    • Containers that are marked for sale are no longer unlimited in weight.
  • Moving items in an overfilled bank box will no longer drop them to the ground. (All other containers will continue to work the same, i.e. drop items to the ground if they cannot fit back.)
The following change was made a few restarts ago, but has not been posted yet:
  • Fixed beverages with custom names (e.g. The Admiral's Hearty Rum) not showing their correct label. (Bug report)
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