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Weapon Sell-list

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Selling a bunch of weapons.
If you find anything to your liking, send me a PM here or on Discord with a reasonable offer (kakel_anders#1638).

Trades can be interesting aswell.

1 Spider Slayer, Physical1%, Poison11, DI40, HML50, LR50, Luck 40
2 Ogre Slayer, DI40, DCI11, HCI10, HML42, LR50, Luck 40, Fire dmg 10, Cold dmg 10, Energy dmg 80
3 DI40, HLL40, HML50, LR50, Luck 40, SSI 30, Magewep -22
4 DI40, DCI11, HCI15, HML44, HSL42, LR50, Luck 40
5 DI44, Hit Lightning 36, HML38, HSL42, LR50, Luck 40
6 Physical1%, DI40, HCI12, HLL32, HML44, LR50, Luck 40
7 DI40, FC1, HLL48, HML46, LR50, Luck 40, Magewep -21
8 DI40, FC1, HLL44, HLD42, HML42, LR50, Luck 40
9 Posion15, DI40, Hit Fireball 44, HLL42, HML32, LR50, Luck 40
10 DI40, DCI15, HCI11, HML38, HSL42, LR50, Luck 40 Fire dmg 30, Cold dmg 60, Energy dmg 10
11 DI40, FC1, HLA40, HML35, LR50, Luck 40, SSI25
12 Fire12, DI40, DCI11, HLA46, HML48, LR50, Luck 40
13 Bloodelemental Slayer, UBWS, DI41, HML34, LR50, Luck 40
14 Bloodelemental Slayer, Energy14, DI40, HLL50, HML44, LR50, Luck 40
15 Scorpion Slayer Fire12, DI40, HML32,
16 Elemental Slayer, DI40, DCI12, HML38, LR50, Luck 40
17 Scorpion Slayer DI40, HLD50, HML46, LR50, Luck 40 Fire dmg 10, Poison dmg 20, Energy dmg 70

Radiant Scimitar

1 DI40, Hit Firearea 36, Hit Fireball 32, HML50, LR50

Composite Bows

1 DI40, Hit Poisonarea 42, HSL26, LR20, Luck 83, SSI40
2 DI50, FC-1, HCI5, Hit Magic Arrow 44, HSL28, SC, SSI30
3 Bloodelemental Slayer, HML50, Vel39, LR20, SSI30, Fire dmg 100
4 Energy14, Balanced, DI40, Hit Harm 30, HSL38, LR20, SSI10
5 DI40, Hit Magic Arrow 38, LR20, Luck 101, SSI30, Magewep -21
6 Ogre Slayer, Fire12 DI40, DCI18, Hit Dispel 26, LR20, SSI10
7 HCI23, Hit Dispel 34, HLD40, HSL48, LR20, SSI10
8 DI50, DCI15, HCI5, HLL30, Hit Poisonarea 36, HSL46
9 DI46, DCI15, HLL44, LR20, Luck 71, SSI10


1 Poison13, DI40, HCI23, Hit Lightning 38, LR20, SSI10, Magewep -23
2 Bloodelemental Slayer, DI40, DCI17, HLD28, HML38, SSI10
3 Physical13, Poison14, DI40, FC-1, HLL28, LR20, SC, SSI10
4 Cold14, DI40, FC-1, Hit Coldarea 34, Hit Fireball 46, LR20, SC, SSI10
5 Physical14, Energy11, DI55, FC-1, LR20, SC, SSI10
6 Physical9, Fire13, DI40, Hit Fireball 48, HLL38
7 Physical13, Cold13, DI40, Luck 40, SC
8 DI40, Hit Energyarea 46, HSL46, Vel27, Luck 94
9 Snowelemental Slayer, Cold17, Balanced, DI40, HSL48
10 Fire17, DI40, HML36, Hit Physicalarea 30, SSI10, Magewep -24
11 Energy17, DI40, DCI24, FC1, HLL13, HML40, HPR2
12 DI40, HCI17, HLL63, HSL40, HPR2, Magewep -23
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