New Smelting Recycling Looted Items

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Smelting Recycling Looted Items

Post by Bama » May 18th, 2020, 1:58 pm

If you craft a buckler (10 ingots) and you smelt it you get back half ( 5 ) of the ingots you used to craft it. This works on Demise

If you loot a buckler and with the skills needed to smelt it you get 1 ingot and a message on the crafting menu that it was probably an NPC item or something like that. This is a bug.
You should get back the same amount as you would if it was crafted 5 ingots

If you were to put that buckler in a salvage bag with or without the skills to smelt the item you get 2 ingots. This is a bug
You should with the skill to smelt items get back the same amount you would get if you crafted it and smelted it plus 1 ingot 5 plus 1 for a total of 6 ingots

The same happens when you cut up leather

Bonus Bug (?)
On the Demise test center
If I craft a buckler remove the skill to smelt it I will get 5 ingots
Gabba Gabba Hey!!!

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