Frequently Asked Questions

Donation Points are a reward we offer as a thank you for supporting UOG: Demise. These points are account-bound and can be exchanged in-game for items.

To claim your Donation Points, please use the [ClaimDonation command in-game. The information (e.g. order ID) required to claim your donation is displayed in the order confirmation email, as well as the account overview for registered accounts.

You can exchange your Donation Points for a selection of items using the in-game Donation Vendor. If you are donating to obtain a specific item from the Donation Vendor, please ensure it is on the vendor before making your donation.

The in-game Donation Vendor is located at the Vendor Plaza, which can be reached using the white moongate outside Luna or Britain bank.

You do not need Donation Points to play Demise. All items available from the Donation Vendor are not necessary for normal gameplay.

Please check all your folders (including spam/junk) for any emails from “UOG Demise Donations”. If you registered an account during checkout, you will also find all information required for claiming in the account overview. If you did not receive an email and did not register an account, please contact an administrator on our forums.

Donation Points are not a physical item in-game, they are bound to a single in-game account and cannot be transferred or sold in any way.

In accordance with our terms, we do not offer refunds.

Any donation received goes toward server running costs and any other associated expenses. Without your generosity we would not be able to continue to operate and we appreciate every donation we receive no matter how small.

Depending on your payment method it may take up to 24 hours until your points can be claimed in-game. However, most orders should take no more than a few hours to process.

Your ZIP / Postcode is an alphanumeric code that is used by postal companies to easily sort mail. We only use this information to verify your order during the claiming process in-game. If you do not have a ZIP / Postcode, you can enter a code of your choosing.

We only use the billing information provided to verify your order during the claiming process in-game, and in case any processing issues arise with your order. Nothing will be shipped to your physical address.